Our basic Qaida reading course is open for all Shia male and female Students from any part of the world. We offer the best opportunity to the students to learn Quran with Shia Academy.

Yassarnal Quran

Qaida Reading with Tajweed


    3 Months

  • Time

    90 Hours

  • FEE

    $ 55 - 45 - £ 35

Basic Qaida Reading

Qurani Qaida is the basic step towards Quran learning. With the help of Qaida it is easy to make the base for correct pronunciation. We can learn the rules of reciting Quran with the help of Qaida course. You will be aware of the correct accent of Quranic Arabic. “Shia Quran teacher” offers the basic Qaida course for the Shia students. The aim of the course is to provide the opportunity to learn Quran in the proper manner. Usually, this course is available to learn Quran for kids students.

Who Can Take This Course?

Both adults and kids can take this course. The course is for Shia students. Usually, the children take this course because the best age is the young age to learn the basics of the Quran. The children pick the lessons more efficiently. But the adults who want to learn Quran in the proper manner can also take this course. We offer this course for the Momineen no matter where they are living. Our basic Qaida reading course is open to all Shia male and female Students from any part of the world. We offer the best opportunity to the students to learn online yassarnal quran with Shia Academy.

Why Qaida Reading Course?

Qaida reading course is a very important course because it helps in learning the Quran in the right manner. Without Qaida reading, it is not possible to learn Quran recitation. This course is the fundamental step towards Quran learning. So avail this learn Qaida for kids opportunity and make your children expert at reading the Quran.

Why Choose Shia Quran Teacher ForBasic Qaida Reading

We are the best Shia Quran academy having experience of many years in teaching the Quran. We teach online and Shia students can join us for Qaida reading course from any part of the world. We make the classes available for the students 24 hours a day. We have a team of qualified Quran reciters who belong to Shia sect. After this course, the students are able to recite and read the Quran in an appealing voice. The students are able to know which the best way to recite the Quran is. Thus parents prefer this course for their children. Without this course, it is not possible for the students to move to the next level. We offer a well-organized course to the students. The students can learn Quran Qaida at their homes.

Take trial classes

We are the number one Shia Quran academy. Our quality teaching has built our reputation across the world. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. So, if you want to test our teaching method and course, you can register with us for the free trial classes. The trial classes are free and the students can decide whether they should choose us.

Learn Quran With Shia Academy

If you are in search of a Shia Quran Academy, you should always choose us. We offer the best Qaida reading course to the Momineen under the guidance of expert Shia Quran tutors. If you think we are reliable for you, you can continue with us.

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