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Online Quran Classes

Shia Muslims need special Quran learning from Shia tutors. The aim of establishing Shiya Kuran centers is to impart the true knowledge of the Holy Book to Momineen. Learning, reading, and understanding the verses of Allah are the forms of worship. It is an honourable act that will draw you close to Allah.

The Holy Book is a valuable speech of Allah. It, therefore, deserves a careful and detailed study. With technology, learning the Quran has become not only easier but also better and faster than ever.

Study with Us

Momineen should devote some time daily to learn and study the Holy Kuran. All the Shia Muslims should think about their connection with the Koran. If they are neglecting it, then what will they say on the Day of Judgment as they didn’t fulfil their religious responsibility? Those who read and act upon the Koran are the best among other people.

We are among the world’s best Shiya online academies for Koran learning. Men, women, and children can learn with us. We offer

  • Shia Professional tutors
  • Free Trial lessons
  • Male and female separate classes
  • Suitable class timing
  • 24/7 availability


 Shia online Quran classes that we offer at our academy are available to everyone (Shia Muslim) who is interested in learning online. Our Academy lets every sincere Muslim earn Allah’s Love through the study of this Holy Book. The study helps the Momineen hold tight to the meanings of the verses.

The online lessons are easy to take. There are online Quran centers who offer a variety of courses. You can enrol in any desired course and start your study.

Reciting and understanding the Book of Allah has tremendous benefits in this life and the hereafter.  But one can get these benefits with regular contact with the Holy Book. It is, therefore, essential to devote some time to take Shia Quran classes daily.

What You Can Learn

You can take a variety of courses of Koran.

  • Qaida basic course
  • Tajweed learning
  • Koran reading with Tajweed
  • Tafseer
  • Hifz
  • Tarjuma/Translation

Not only these, but you can learn some other courses related to Islam (under Shia beliefs.). We assist Momineen in reaching their religious education goals via our online courses. We retain the high quality of education expected in all Koran courses while offering the students the ease and flexibility.

We design the lessons to fit the schedules of students and working professionals who want to get knowledge of the Koran.

The students can learn about Islamic Fiqh (Fiqh Jafferia), Saheefa Sajjadiya, Nehjul Balagha in classes of Shia Quran. These are also very important and basic courses if one wishes to learn about religion.

How To Take Classes

There is no complex procedure involved in taking lectures. You can contact us and choose the time when you want to take your lessons. The teachers are available all day. So you can decide your schedule with us and get ready to take your lessons.

We offer the lectures online so students from all parts of the world can take the classes with us. Our Koran lessons are a great way to get the light of Islam.

Due to the facility of remote learning, more and more students are choosing us. We are also ideal for those who are busy with their work and family commitments. Such people may not be able to go to local institutes so they can choose us for taking the lessons of the Holy Koran.

Trial Lessons

Try the trial classes for 3 days. These trial Shia Quran classes online are free of cost. We do not charge for these classes because you can evaluate our teaching method. After trial lessons, you can continue studying regular courses if you are satisfied with us.

Join Us Today

Start Shia Quran classes online with us today. We offer live classes and each lesson is delivered through 1to 1 class. The students take the lectures via Skype and they can also participate in discussions with the teachers easily.  Our students are from every country in the world, so you can also join us to take any course you want.

Enrol today and start learning!

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