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Shia Quran with Translation | Tarjuma Course Online

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What is the meaning of Translation or Tarjuma?

Translation means learning the language of any country in one’s mother tongue, for instance, English to Urdu translation, Persian to French translation, etc. But we are talking about the Arabic language here. We will teach you the translation of the Shia Quran into Urdu and English. People who want to read and learn Arabic Shia Quran with translation in Urdu or English with understanding. Such people can participate in this Shia Quran through an online translation/Tarjuma course.

Shia Quran with Translation | Tarjuma Course Online

Why Shia Quran Translation is important?

As you all know, if you read any informative book without translation, then that informative book will not benefit you. Likewise, reading the Holy Quran, the most informative book in the world and suitable for all ages, without translation will not guide you. You will know what to do and what to avoid by reading the Quran with the translation. Reading the Shia Quran with translation will benefit you; for example, it will help you learn the Holy Quran in depth. Moreover, you will be able to explain the translation of the verses yourself in front of anyone, and you will be able to preach Islam to children and adults in society. Also, most importantly, after understanding the translation, you will realise many things and avoid misguided and forbidden actions.

Benefits of “Shia Quran Translation | Tarjuma Course Online”

  • In the Qur’an, God has hidden messages for humans. By reading the Quran in translation, a person knows about these messages.
  • By reading the Qur’an with translation, you do not have to read someone else’s interpretation, so you are saved from going astray in the Qur’an.
  • Guidance is not obtained by reading the Qur’an alone, but actually, guidance is obtained by reading the Qur’an with translation.
  • By reading the Quran in translation, we can understand the Quran well and go deep into it.
  • We can give up evil deeds and perform good deeds by reading the Qur’an with translation.

Online Shia Quran Translation Course for Kids

As you know, children need to learn Quranic teachings in childhood. If children are not taught the Qur’an with a translation, they make mistakes in their understanding of the Qur’an. However, if they are taught the Quran by translation, they can not only pronounce the Quran correctly but also find hidden guidance in it. Our institution has Shia Quran Tutors who are experts in the Quran and its translation; they will teach every Aspect of the “Shia Quran with Urdu Translation” to kids in this course online. You will also learn to translate verses easily.

Shia Quran Translation Course Online for Adults

There are a lot of rewards for reciting the Quran, but understanding the Quran by translating it also gives a valuable reward, and there are many benefits. Our institution’s Online Shia Quran Tutors will teach you the translation of the complete Quran. This will lead your life according to Quranic rules and make a big difference in your personality. We can avoid sins only by reading its translation. By reading the translation of the Qur’an, a revolution is created in a person’s life. If you are over age and have not read the Quran with translation, it is a Golden opportunity for such people to participate in the “Shia Online Quran with Urdu Translation Course” for Adults.

Who can take the Shia Quran Translation Course Online?

Those who at least know how to read the Quran, learn about the motions and read the entire Basic Shia Yassarnal Quran Qaida Course can take this course. Also, people of all ages, whether male or female, can enrol in this course.

Remember: Before this Shia Quran with Translation Course, you should also wholly grasp the Shia Tajweed Course Online.

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